The Whole Package

When certain products start to become exceedingly popular, you might notice that those products get bundled and packaged as special editions. This is to tempt those who haven't already purchased one of the products into trying it out. For instance, you would probably be much more likely to buy an electronic toothbrush if it came in a package deal with many different brushing tips and attachments. Since the products were able to thrive while just selling individual pieces, they will certainly see an uptick in adopters when they make the product even more convenient and affordable.

One industry where that is starting to happen regularly is the vaporizer and aromatherapy industry. These devices are highly varied, but many of them have been around for quite some time. That sort of longevity has allowed producers to determine what the market demands and what it typically ignores. Vaporizer kits are exceptionally common now since these devices require multiple components, many of which are disposable in nature. Vaporizer kits allow someone to get everything they need to begin vaping. Larger kits are becoming more common as well now that some of the devices are being honed to perfection.

It's usually the subtle differences that attract potential customers to a new product. These features might include highly specified functionality, unique design, or additional components or perks that other devices don't have. One kit that includes all these features and more is the Dr Dabber Boost - Black Edition. This kit provides everything one might need to enjoy concentrate materials on the go, and it has a sleek wooden carrying case finished in solid jet black. The inside of the case is lined with supple felt in an eggshell design for maximum protection for the glass components, which include the mouthpiece, stem, and bowl.

The glass attachment pairs with the Dr Dabber battery base to create a vaporizer of unrivaled power. You can also load the glass attachment with water to create a bubbler filtration system for cooler vapor. It features a magnetic dab tool and carb cap for added convenience, and the kit includes several alcohol wipes for cleaning the device between uses. You'll be able to enjoy concentrate vaporization through the two included titanium nails, the included quartz nail, or the included ceramic nail. The device recharges quickly, and it carries enough charge for roughly sixty uses. You can also easily carry your concentrate in the two included silicone storage jars.

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