The Vaporizer 'Boom' and Where it's Headed

The vaping market continues to grow larger and more widespread in the U.S. with each passing month. Whether you live on the east coast, west coast or somewhere in between, chances are you've seen a vape shop. They have sprung up in nearly every major city, and it's safe to assume they are doing well considering the fact that most are still in business. So, where is the vaping market headed and will this success continue?

Vaporizers: the Basics

Before we reveal industry trends and predictions for vaporizers, let's first discuss the basics of these innovative new devices and how they work. Vaporizers are unique in the sense that they heat herb or essential oils just enough to create a light plume of mist-like vapor (hence the name). Since there's no fire or combustion, there's no smoke being created in vaporizer. This means users can enjoy their herb or oil without all of the harmful effects that are commonly associated with smoking.

Retail Vaporizer Industry

According to a report published by HuffingtonPost, the retail vaporizer industry will grow to a jaw-dropping $3.5 billion by the end of the year. That's a pretty substantial number considering that vaporizers just recently entered mainstream use. What's even more impressive, however, is that analysts expect this growth to continue in 2016 and the years to follow.

What's Driving the Vaporizer Industry?

With revenue numbers like $3.5 billion, this begs the question: what's driving the vaporizer industry in the U.S.? There are several different factors that are likely playing a role in the success and popularity of vaporizers, one of which is the public's increased focus on health. As more and more people become aware of the dangers of smoking, more people are making the transition to vaporizers. Using a vaporizer, adults can enjoy herb and oil in a safe, controlled manner.

Another trend that's playing a role in the vaporizer industry is availability. Just a couple years ago, it was fairly difficult to find a vape shop. Sure, you could buy your vaporizer or oil online, but many people prefer to buy them in person. Without readily available vape shops, however, this wasn't an option -- not until now, at least. With tens of thousands of vape shops scattered throughout the country, finding one today couldn't be easier. Just drive through any major city and you'll probably come across at least one vape shop.

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