The Surge of Concentrates

As the market is attempting to balance itself in the wake of new technology and even newer regulatory measures and laws, some experts are seeing a trend that could change the way the personal aromatherapy industry operates. For the longest time, it was thought that portable herbal vaporizers would be the next generation's most common vape device, but a new age is emerging in light of industries reacting to the legalization of certain herbs in many areas of the United States. That legalization has paved the way for innovation not just with the devices, but with the materials being vaporized.

Botanical concentrates that come from these herbs are typically used in pen-style vaporizers that can handle the waxy, oily substance. Many people claim that concentrates are not only healthier since they reduce the potential for combustion and therefore the production of harmful smoke, but that they are also able to be enjoyed at higher quantities for a greater value. In many areas where these herbs have been legalized, dispensary owners are already seeing a sharp uptick in concentrate sales, along with the devices that take advantage of those materials.

If the industry continues down this same path, it may be possible that users in the future will see the raw herb itself as an archaic way of enjoying the active components within the aromatic blends. Concentrates are fairly easy to produce from the raw herb, and removing the unnecessary plant material makes it lighter and easier to transport. Many people even claim any odor associated with the herb is lessened when it's made into a concentrate. If, indeed, the industry continues toward this end, users are going to need a powerful concentrate device at some point, and the best place to start is with a basic concentrate vape pen.

Users looking to beat the trend should consider the KandyPens Gravity Kit. This device is perfectly suited for concentrates, and it has two included atomizers that work in slightly different ways. The ceramic dish heats evenly and provides a smooth, flavorful draw, while the quartz rod atomizer creates exceptionally pure vapor with a crisp finish. The battery uses temperature control technology to provide customized utility to the user, and the included dab tool makes it quite easy to manipulate and load your concentrates into the device. Each atomizer can hold up to half a gram of concentrate, which should easily last the standard user through the day.

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