The Rise of Portable Technology

Convenience is one of the highest tenants of human ingenuity, and it has led to the creation of some of the most innovative breakthroughs in technology. All technology is meant to make some aspect of human life easier, and there have been leaps and bounds in modern tech over the last few decades. During that time, many of the activities that people used to do on a daily basis were transformed in some way to make them easier, more convenient, or cheaper. One of the most obvious advances is smartphone and communication technology, which has put a full computer into basically every pocket in the civilized world. Even just twenty years ago, such a feat would have been considered ludicrous.

However, that is the way technology progresses. It starts off as science fiction before becoming science fact. Another of the most obvious progressions is the recent explosion of vaporizers and personal aromatherapy devices that have grown in an attempt to replace many of the older and outdated forms of personal aromatherapy, like cigarettes. People have wanted easy, healthy ways to consumer nicotine for years, and these new advances in technology have made it much easier. Modern vaporizers have been developed that can work with dried aromatic blends, e-liquids, and concentrates. These devices offer an alternative to cigarettes, and they do so in a small, convenient package that easily fits right in the pocket alongside your smartphone.

Personal technology has come a long way, primarily since general scientific advancements make all components smaller for electronic devices across the board. Earlier versions of electronic vaporizers were strictly tabletop units that required a wired power source and a decent amount of space. However, as with all tech, those devices have been simplified and modified and updated and innovated into the devices seen today.

One of the culminations of portable vaporizer technology is the Pax 2 by Ploom. If smartphones and vaporizers are to be compared for their portability and premium technology, then the Pax 2 is the iPhone of the vaporizer market. The device is exceptionally easy to use, and it listens to the user so it knows how best to alter its own vaporization settings. The device is made for aromatic blends, and it comes with two mouthpieces and a cleaning kit as well as a charging cord. The Pax 2 even has a Party Mode that will cycle the four LED lights like a strobe.

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