The Resurgence of Vape Pens

Vaporizers have enjoyed a period of acceptance in the recent years, and that growing prevalence has led to some impressive innovations. These devices have gone through multiple iterations and styles, and the market is continuing to advance as new trends are picked up by the public. When vaporizers first hit the commercial market, the majority of them were designed to imitate ink pens. The idea behind this style of vape pen was that it would allow users to carry the device without noticing the additional weight or bulkiness of another item. Those first vape pens were rudimentary and exceptionally simple, and they were quickly overshadowed by more powerful devices in the market, like mod kits and customizable vaping rigs.

However, vape pens didn't fall by the wayside. In fact, the vape pen market continues to be one of the most valuable in the world, and the devices have experienced nearly the same level of improvements as their more complex relatives. Most people who are prone to vaping don't realize that vape pens are a truly viable option for vaping on the go or even from the comfort of your own home. The devices were once limited in their utility, but now they provide an experience that is nearly indistinguishable from mod kits that cost quite a bit more.

Vape pens are an attractive option not only for their utility, but for their price as well. Even the most supreme vape pen is going to cost less than midrange mod kits, and those premium vape pens are more compact and often easier to use in general. Vape pens used to be simple devices that barely did the job, but now they are reaching new levels of customizability, usability, and popularity. Many vape pens are even starting to venture into the hybrid arena, which allows them to be loaded with multiple different source materials, unlike older pens that only accepted e-liquids.

The Atmos Boss is one of the most premium vape pens currently available on the market. The unit is sleek, compact, and can work with both dried aromatic blends and wax concentrates. It comes with everything necessary to keep the device running smoothly, like a cleaning brush, a battery charger with a wall adapter, a loading tool, and a set of filters. Like most vape pens, it has an incredibly fast heating time, and it is usually ready in less than one minute.

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