The Pros and Cons of Glass Tank Vaporizers


Anyone with even a passing interest in vaporizers is probably aware that the majority of the devices that use e-liquids take advantage of glass tanks. These glass tanks are ideal for using with e-liquids because it allows the user to get an idea of how much liquid they have left in the tank, which helps the user know when they have to reload the device. A lot of glass tanks even come with graduation so you can get a good idea of the volume of e-liquid you use in a given amount of time. However, these glass tanks come with a price.

The glass tanks in these portable aromatherapy devices are exceptionally fragile. If you drop your device on any sort of hard surface, especially without some form of silicone protective case, the majority of the vibrational energy will collect within the glass, which could easily crack or shatter the component. Unfortunately, when this happens, there isn't much that can be done beyond exchanging the entire tank. If the glass tube breaks within the tank, it is incredibly difficult to repair the device with a secondary glass tube, and those glass tubes are hard to find individually since each one is designed for a specific device.

Carrying a spare tank is a good idea for those who tend to be a bit clumsy with their possessions. If you've dropped your vaporizer before and damaged the device, you might consider a replacement or backup tank like the Kanger Subtank Plus (7.0ML), a huge top-fill tank. The tank uses standard 510 threading, which means it is compatible with nearly any battery base, and it has a massive 7ml capacity. It even comes with a Kanger Subtank Plus replacement glass tube in case there are any problems with the first. Finding a tank that comes with spare parts is a great way to ensure you never lose the functionality of your device on the go.

While there aren't many products out there that forgo the glass tank for a more stable metallic tank, especially for those that use e-liquids, there are numerous products that can help if you happen to break your glass tank. Glass is often preferred because it creates a smoother taste that might be tainted by a metallic tank. There is also the aesthetic appeal of being able to visualize the remaining e-liquid in the tank. A fully metallic tank might be more sturdy, but it wouldn't be obvious when the tank empties.

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