The Cutting Edge of Vape Technology

Vaping has essentially entered the mainstream of society, and there are just about as many devices to choose from as there are for more traditional genres of technology, like computers, smartphones, vehicles, televisions, and media systems. These vape devices exist on a spectrum of quality, as do all the other categories, and there are some brands that go above and beyond the industry standards in order to create something truly special. Just as Apple has done with the mobile communications industry, and Tesla has done for the electric car industry, so has one brand of vaporizer risen above the rest.

These supreme pieces of technology are not for everyone. They often represent a significant investment, but they are worth the value customers put into them. Those who consider themselves early adopters will want to be ready when the next version of this exquisite line of vaporizers is available. The line started with the Pax, which was then upgraded to the Pax 2. Now, the brand has released the Pax 3. This device is the iPhone 7 of the vaporizer world, and those who absolutely have to have the best will want to take a look.

It's hard to describe what makes the Pax 3 so amazing, mostly because it isn't just one thing that does so. The premium quality of the device is the result of cumulative features that are all state-of-the-art. To begin with, the device is compatible with both dry herbs and wax concentrates. This is a valuable feature for the industry since those are the two most popular source materials, and they will likely remain in the top positions for quite some time.

The Pax 3 even comes with the same color options as the newest member of iPhone family. Those options include Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold, and the highly polished exterior of the Pax 3 is gorgeous. It also has haptic feedback, which is a feature that will most likely see surging popularity as technology continues to progress. One of the unique features of the Pax 3 that shows the true advanced nature of the device is the smartphone app that controls the unit. The app shows details about the device like battery usage and temp setting, and it allows the user to customize temperature settings from their smartphone. Considering the immensely powerful battery and intuitive utility of the device, the Pax 3 is a vaporizer for the modern user.

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