The Best Site for Weed Lovers? Quite Possibly!

Do you love weed? Well, so do the folks at! Founded by "Evilpig," this site lives up to its namesake by featuring all things related to cannabis and its associated activities. Whether you're a daily toker or if you spark up only on special occasions, you should check out It's loaded with interesting, funny, and relevant content about, well, weed.

So, what kind of awesome stuff can you find in You'll have to click the link to see for yourself, as it's filled with content. For instance, the site has a pic of an actual ice bond -- yes, a bong that's made of ICE. I'm not sure how it was done, but props to the Macgyver of weed who constructed this brilliant device. Now if there was only a way to prevent it from melting...

Upon visiting the site for the first time, you'll also notice a "Guides" section at the top of the menu. Clicking this link will reveal a plethora of helpful guides and how-to articles related to marijuana, some of which include "How to Make an Apple Pipe in 5 Minutes," "How to Roll a Proper Blunt," "Guide to Vaporizers," "How to Make Weed Brownies," and "How to Make a Gravity Bong." Feel free to browse through the guides to brush up on your cannabis education.

Another interesting section of is "Bud Shots," which is exactly just that: pictures of beautiful buds. Some of the photos here are your standard marijuana shots, but the Bud Shots section also contains close-ups of the plant under a microscope. And if you haven't seen cannabis under a microscope, the results might surprise you. It's a rainbow-like array of memorizing colors.

There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to marijuana, but there's a reason why so many tokers choose for their cannabis news and information: it's ran by a passionate group of marijuana lovers who truly care about creating a helpful and informative community surrounding cannabis.

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