Study Reveals Potential Benefits of Vaping

Switching from cigarettes to using a vaporizer may expose the user to fewer toxins, according to a new study conducted by health researchers in the U.K.

For the study, researchers recruited 40 cigarette users who were looking to kick the habit, giving them personal vaporizers instead. After four weeks had passed, 16 of the participants who were only using vaporizers experienced an 80% decline in expose to carbon monoxide and acrolein, both of which are toxins commonly found in cigarettes. 

Researchers also found that 17 participants who switched back and forth between cigarettes and vaporizers had a 52% decrease in exposure to carbon monoxide and a 60% decrease in exposure to acrolein.

As noted by Hayden McRobbie, of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, this often happens when users first make the switch. Users will notice the benefits of vaping, so they continue to vape instead of using traditional cigarettes.

This usually happens over a period of time and users may get some encouragement from the finding that there is some potential health benefit as soon as they start the process,” McRobbie said by email.

How are vaporizers able to reduce users' exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins? While there are dozens if not hundreds of different vaporizers on the market, they all work on the same basic principle: to heat liquid nicotine, herb or aromatherapy oils just enough to create a light plum of breathable vapor. Since there's no fire or combustion taking place, the ingredients are preserved and released in their original state.

Keep in mind, however, that in order for a vaporizer to function as intended (e.g. not burn the ingredients), you must use the appropriate amount of heat. Whether it's a conduction or convection-style vaporizer, use caution to ensure you aren't burning your herb or oil. Holding the "on" button down for too long may result in your vaporizer burning the material instead of turning it into a mist-like vapor, at which point it no longer offers all of the benefits associated with vaping.

Given the rising popularity of vaporizers, I think it's safe to say this isn't a trend that will be going away anytime soon. Furthermore, studies such as this reinforce the benefits of these devices, revealing why so many people are making the switch.

This study was published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

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