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The market for vaporizers had an interesting and explosive beginning, and it is only now starting to really settle as the industry finds its balance. Such incredible demand for devices and products that didn't really exist created an early overcorrection that saw perhaps an overabundance of vaporizer brands and devices, but as the industry ages, the weaker brands that were just in it for the quick rise will fall to the wayside. This will leave the strongest and most exceptional brands, and that battle is starting to truly take shape. A few major brands will essentially 'win' the industry in much the same way that Pepsi and Coke did for the soda industry.

There are two main ways that a brand might grow to take over its respective industry or to join the ranks of other product-synonymous brands. The first is through quality, and the second is through branding. If both of these criteria are met, there's a solid chance that the brand could attain global recognition. However, if there's an issue with either of those two criteria, there's almost no chance. Obviously, no one is going to want to support a brand if the quality of the product is low or if they don't even know the company exists.

One of the major brands that seems to be gaining a strong permanent foothold in the vaporizer industry is Atmos. They've produced a number of excellent devices for vaping both dry ground material and concentrates, and they are constantly improving their products in search of the ideal device. Their quality certainly isn't an issue, and Atmos is one of the most widely available brands on the market. If any brand is poised to become the Coke or Apple of the vaporizer industry, it's Atmos.

One excellent example of the brand's commitment to the future of vaping is the Atmos Q3 Vaporizer Kit. This kit is designed for use with concentrates, and the heating chamber is made entirely from quartz. The large internal battery provides a fast heat-up time, and the single-button design is easy for on-the-go utility. Since the mouthpiece is made from glass and the heating chamber is made from quartz, the airflow path is completely isolated from any sources of contamination to the taste. Every inch of the device was designed with an ergonomic profile that slips effortlessly into your clutched hand and features a slightly curved mouthpiece for easy draws.

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