Space-Age Technology

Technology is a constantly evolving spectrum of ideas and functions, and very rarely does one type of technology completely separate itself from others types. In much the same way that almost all life on Earth is biologically compatible, technology is congruent throughout the lowest levels of knowledge and design. That means that a screw is still a screw no matter what device it is used within. This freeform version of development makes progress easier because developers and researchers from one field can easily move to another field where they are needed. The faster a type of technology grows, the more help it needs from outside experts.

The realm of vaporizer technology is one area that has required a lot of outside help since it has grown so quickly in such a short amount of time. Specialists are required to deal with the advanced components and materials found in top-tier devices, and highly complex devices with many functions require even greater specialization and development. The term 'space-age' is thrown around a lot when discussing the most advanced technology on the block, but how many devices or even industries can say that they've had the benefit of working with actual NASA scientists?

Many of the materials and components found in modern vaporizers are strangely similar to those that might be found in a ship bound for space. Most shuttles are equipped with specialized ceramic hulls that can withstand the heat of entering the atmosphere. The internal structure of many vaporizers is built from the same sort of aluminum and stainless steel that NASA's ships are built around. Digital technology that controls vaporizers is also critical for operating a space-faring vessel. One of the most advanced vaporizers on the market was produced with the help of two scientists that helped build modern shuttles, and that device is called The Herbalizer.

The Herbalizer is a world-class vaporizer that operates in a number of different ways. It comes with an included whip attachment that stores inside the modern shell of the device when not in use, and it has a bag attachment that can be used in place of the whip. The device is also compatible with a specialized glass attachment that provides a way to enjoy direct vapor inhalation. Diffuse vaporization is also a possibility thanks to the internal halogen bulb that heats almost instantly. Very few other devices have earned the title of 'space-age'.

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