Snoop Dogg Giving Away Album With Vaporizer

Snoop Dogg, who was originally know as Snoop Dogg and then changed his name to Snoop Lion and now it's back to Snoop Dogg, wants people to stop smoking and make the switch to vaporizers. He's trying so hard, in fact, to get people to switch that he's giving away a copy of his latest album to anyone who purchases his vaporizer.

No, that's not a typo. Snoop Dogg really has his own line of vaporizers. Dubbed the "G Snoop Dogg," it's a pretty impressive portable-sized vaporizer that's designed to look like a roadmap of Long Beach, California (see image to the right). As noted by the official website for the G Snoop Dogg, Long Beach is sentimental to the rap icon, which is why he choose to design it this way.

The G Snoop Dogg includes a signature engraving, along with a tank that's comprised of a stainless steel outer shell and a hardened glass sleeve. All in all, this is one heck of a vaporizer, especially considering the fact that you get a free digital download copy of Snoop's latest album.

The G Snoop Dogg works in the same fashion as similar vaporizers: it heats herb or oil just enough to create a light plum of mist-like vapor. Why is this important? Well, when you light a rolled cigar or pipe, the herb literally burns. I know this probably sounds like common sense, but you might be surprised to learn that new chemical reactions take place when something like herb is burned, turning otherwise harmless compounds into toxins -- toxins that could lead to illness later down the road. Vaporizers work on the principle of using precise heating elements to warm herb just enough so it releases the active ingredients. Since there's no actual fire or combustion taking place, you don't have to worry about inhaling all of the toxic chemicals and fumes commonly found in smoke.

As noted by the big Snoop Dogg himself, one of the great things about the vaporizer movement is that it's both clean and convenient.

"What's fly about the vaporizer movement is that it's clean and convenient. Launching my custom G Pen is a great way to kick off the business partnership with Grenco Science," said Snoop Dogg.

So, should you buy Snoop Dogg's vaporizer? It looks like a great product, and with a free copy of his latest album thrown into the mix, it sounds like an excellent deal. However, there are tons of other vaporizers on the market that work just well. Don't feel limited to only using Snoop's vaporizer. Whether you're looking to kick the smoking habit, improve your health, or if you simply want to try a new way to enjoy your herb, check out some of the vaporizers offered here at

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