Setting up Volcano Vaporizer – the reigning king of desktop vaporizers

Who is the reigning king of desktop vaporizers? All vapor enthusiasts will say in one voice “Volcano Vaporizer”. If you say that you know a lot about vaping then never say that you haven’t heard about the reigning king. Someone may ask “are you living under a rock?” This desktop vaporizer invented by Storz & Bickel has no rival. It hit the market in the very year of the millennium and it is still unrivaled after one and half decade. After introducing it to the market, it became really difficult for the company to keep up with its demand. Thanks to the continual improvements and modifications, it still offers a beyond compare vaping experience while you are sitting comfortably in your couch. The standard set by the volcano is still to be achieved by other desktop vaporizers.

Get start with volcano vaporizer: If you haven’t tried this vaporizer before, here is how you can get start with it. First of all, purchase one. It costs $499.99. However, if you explore more, you can also get it at $347 with 3 years warranty covering manufacturing defaults. There are two options available to you – Classic and digital. There is no real big difference between the classic  volcano vaporizer and the digital one. The classic heats up a little faster than the later. Perhaps this is the reason why some people consider it more reliable. The digital allows custom temperatures.  

volcano vaporizer

The package includes:

  • The volcano
  • A two-piece grinder
  • 2 replacement filters
  • Instruction manual
  • If you purchase an easy valve package, it comes with:
  • The volcano
  • An easy valve filling chamber
  • A volcano cleaning brush
  • 5 two foot volcano balloons
  • 3 easy valve clips
  • 1 liquid pad set
  • 6 extra easy valve normal screen

Following are the steps involved in setting up a vaporizer:

  1. Plug in the volcano vaporizer.
  2. Push the heat button. This will turn on a yellow color light.
  3. In the volcano digit, there are plus and minus keys that you can press to adjust the temperature.
  4. In the classic model, you can adjust the knob to set the temperature.
  5. It takes approximately five minutes for the volcano to reach its optimal working temperature. So, wait for five minutes.
  6. The yellow light will turn off. It indicates that the device is ready for use.  
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