Quartz vs Ceramic: Which is King?

As vaporizer technology continues to advance in innovative and unforeseen ways, one of the most debated questions arises in regard to the material of a vaping chamber and the method through which vaporization is achieved. Earlier versions of these popular devices used metallic chambers, and many still do to this day, but those are typically the cheaper models that haven't yet caught up with the expansion of the industry. Titanium is truly the only respectable metallic chamber material since it doesn't affect the taste of the vapor much at all, but quartz and ceramic perform the same task with no additional metallic taste whatsoever.

There are a number of different components out there that use either quartz or ceramic to produce exquisite vapor. Some use quartz and ceramic rods wrapped in metallic wiring to transfer heat, and some use a solid piece of the material to act as a sort of bowl for the loaded wax material. Some have multiple rods, and some have none at all. Some are rebuildable, and some only require cleaning and regular maintenance. To say that one variety is greater than any other would be to remove preference from the equation, but that doesn't mean that the raw materials in question can't be ranked on a scale of quality.

Many people would probably argue that the differences between the performance of the two materials is negligible, but connoisseurs are certainly able to discern the slight variations in taste and quality. Some people believe that quartz is the better material because it is entirely natural, whereas ceramic must be produced. Of course, ceramic is an excellent insulator, and it heats up quickly and efficiently. It is also incredibly stable, and the debate over whether it taints the vapor with any foreign taste is enough to confirm that if there is any latent additional taste, it is hardly noticeable.

If you can't decide what sort of material you'd like to use predominantly, you can always find a device that incorporates both. The Source Orb 4 Premium Vaporizer Pen Kit is one such option. It comes with a total of six advanced loading chambers using both ceramic and quartz materials, and it even comes with two coil-less chambers. This kit is perfect for those who haven't landed on a favorite chamber material since it provides the utility of both materials in the convenience of a single amazing vape kit.

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