Portable Dabbing on a Budget

Many modern dabbing enthusiasts have a solid at-home rig upon which they can heavily rely, but that doesn't change the fact that not everyone can sit around at home all day. Portability is a must on many unavoidable occasions, but those expensive tabletop setups aren't really meant for that. That's why a lot of dabbers will merely supplement their device collection with a portable device specifically for those times they must venture out into the world. While there is some degree to which vaporizers vary by quality, many of the brands most well-known brands produce devices that are veritably identical beyond design and features. If portability is the primary feature you want, there are plenty of devices out there that don't sacrifice quality to provide it.

Dabbing was essentially meant for portability. Wax concentrates are easier to transport, and a larger portion can be carried at once within the device. This makes it much more likely to last through the day, as opposed to a dry herb device that must be consistently reloaded. Not only that, but the vaporization process in general produces much less odor than standard smoking, which makes it great for public places. With the right dabbing device, enthusiasts can get the at-home feeling wherever they roam.

One of the most popular and well-made, not to mention budget-friendly, devices on the market right now is the Dr Dabber Light Vaporizer, which comes in a kit including a number of accessories and components to make the device completely comprehensive. It includes a storage ball for your concentrates that is unbreakable, and the dab tool makes it supremely easy to gather your product. It also comes with a wall charger for the battery and a spare mouthpiece/atomizer combo. Dr Dabber has an excellent reputation in the market for personal aromatherapy vaporizers, and the Dr Dabber Light is one of the best examples of a premium wax concentrate vaporizer that won't break the bank.

Many dabbing enthusiasts will find that each device works slightly differently, especially between competing brands and homemade rigs. The debate about which is the best, if there even is such a thing that can be agreed upon, will continue for as long as the industry develops. The fortunate thing is that, for now, there are devices that could be called the best at what they are specifically supposed to do, and the Dr Dabber Light is one of those.

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