Portable and Powerful

With the prevalence of vaping on the rise, users are starting to fine-tune their collections by incorporating devices that are in the top of their field, or at least very near the top. There are so many different types of vaporizers that an enthusiast may very well start collecting the devices simply as a hobby, using each only once or twice, if at all. The ones that surpass all others might then be added to the daily rotation, especially if the user enjoys multiple source materials and available features.

There are several factors that can determine whether or not a vaporizer will make the cut. They can be tested and ranked for power, material compatibility, portability, temperature range, speed, size, shape, cost, and many other subtle nuances that only the most advanced vape user would scrutinize. Depending on the combination of top-tier features you want, you'll find that many different devices fulfill a plethora of combinations. There are some that are compatible with all materials, and they are portable, but they don't have much power, or they're much too pricey. Depending on your own specific needs, you can find devices that are suited for your lifestyle.

Two of the most sought-after traits in a vaporizer are portability and power. For a long time, it was nearly impossible to get a powerful device in a decently portable shape, but now the technology is changing, and it allows much larger batteries to be used in place of a dedicated power outlet that is often required for powerful tabletop devices. Portable devices essentially rival the power of tabletop devices now, but using portable devices at that level will require frequent recharges. However, the way some portable devices are designed allows them to use less energy to provide the same experience as an outlet-powered table vape.

The Arizer Solo is one such device. It is designed to be used with dry herbs on the go, and it fits snuggly in the palm of your hand thanks to its ergonomic shape. It comes in either black of silver, and it includes several accessories for enjoying your vapor exactly as you please. The Solo uses a ceramic heating element and glass vapor path to efficiently use heat to vaporizer the ground herb at exactly the right temperature. The user can also select from 7 different preset temperature settings, and it only take the first setting 15 seconds to heat up.

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