Personalization Where It Matters

Many product categories try to incorporate customization with their best products. Most modern consumers expect a wide array of options, and the ability to customize a single product into a huge range of configurations is typically preferred to a tremendous line of individual products with slightly different characteristics. This way, a brand can have a primary product line with only a handful of main pieces, but if each of those pieces has customization features, the true extent of the possible variety is much greater. In the vaporizer market, a number of brands have started to create products of this nature, but many of them that are limited to device production ignore a huge part of the equation.

There are really two main aspects of the vaporizer experience. The first is device, and the second is the source material. Some devices only allow for a single source material, some allow for two, others allow for just about any source material. However, this variety still ignores the fact that most source materials, especially those liquid sources that tend to go inside vape pens, offer just as much variety. For instance, many brands offer some form of vape pen, but they limit the potential of the device by ignoring the user's ability to personalize their own liquid mixtures.

If you've ever been inside a vape shop, you've probably seen shelf after shelf of flavors that can be mixed in different quantities so they form different flavors. This part of the market has gone the route of tremendous product lines instead of customization. There are literally thousands of flavors on the market, many of which have names that aren't even related to any taste. What most users fail to realize is that they could create flavors that are customized specifically for them. Some have started this by mixing pre-mixed flavors into tertiary flavors, but with the O.Pen Vape FIY Vaporizer Kit, you can not only mix your own liquids, but you can load them into your reusable cartridge at your leisure.

This device takes customization and brings it to the source material side of the equation. With this kit, you can create any blend of any concentration of any flavors that you like. Since the battery is relatively strong, and the device uses little power, it will last all day, and you can save your unused liquid in the mixing container with a tightly sealed lid.

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