Optimizing Portability

With vaporizer technology constantly moving forward, manufacturers are starting to get creative with the features they try to pack into portable devices. Portable devices tend to be what the vast majority of the market demands, which is primarily due to the fact that such devices are, in a sense, all-purpose. They might be portable, but they can be used in the comfort of your own home just as easily as they can be used out in the world. Desktop vaporizers enjoy no such luxury since they are bound to a single location, usually due to the need for a power outlet.

The problem that many enthusiasts encounter is that their portable device doesn't offer the same utility as their stationary device. They might notice their stationary device produces better vapor, or it works faster. There are any number of features that might have to be stripped down in order to make them work in a portable device, and consumers are starting to search for portable devices that break the barrier between the functionality of stationary and portable units. Those devices are only going to become more common as the industry adapts to a demand for universal devices instead of something that is designed specifically for portability or specifically to remain stationary.

These devices are already on the market to a certain degree, but they aren't especially common just yet. Once consumers realize that these hybrid devices are available and that they negate the need for both a portable device and a stationary device, the market will shift much in the same way it did when smartphones incorporated MP3-player abilities, thus making dedicated music players unnecessary. One vaporizer that is blazing the trail for this new generation of hybrid devices is the Hydrology 9 Portable Vaporizer.

The Hydrology 9 device is one of the only portable vaporizers on the market with an integrated water filtration system. There are other devices that offer water filtration systems, but they are usually accessories that aren't actually built-in to those devices. The water filtration system in the Hydrology 9 isn't an afterthought, but instead the device seems to built around that feature. The device is meant for ground botanical material, and it has a stirring tool integrated into the porcelain heating chamber to ensure the material is evenly heated. The powerful battery offers unparalleled run-time, so the device can easily be used on the go, and it fits snuggly in the palm of your hand.

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