Nothing Lasts Forever

They say diamonds are forever, but even diamonds will crack under the weight of infinity. They are but a different orientation of the carbon atoms in pencil graphite, but their incredibly strong structure isn't impervious to degradation. That strong structure is much less stable than graphite because it is a 3D shape, while the graphite is 2D planes. That's what allows it to be used as pencil lead. Thin 2D sheets of stable graphite are shaved off the pencil head, but the graphite itself remains intact, both on the page and in the pencil. Diamonds decay very, very slowly, but they will eventually revert to the more-stable graphite over time, or with enough energy and pressure. If even diamonds aren't truly forever, how can you expect your vaping equipment to last?

That's not to say that most world-class vaping rigs aren't going to last a long time. Many will last years or longer with proper upkeep, but they might eventually succumb to the ravages of reality. What's more, their components will almost certainly need to be upgraded or exchanged every now and then, especially if the device is one that uses consumable components like coils or screens. Even removable and reusable components will probably need to be at least supplemented during their tenure.

If you've got a portable vaporizer, you're probably well-aware of this truth. Batteries constantly need to be recharged or replaced, coils and tanks require swapping out after a certain number of uses, and the mouthpieces can get dingy over time. Desktop vaporizers are a bit better since they are generally designed for dry herb, which means their components are more stable. Unfortunately, even the most stable device will have replacement needs. Dry herb tabletop vapes typically require screens to hold the product in place, and those need to be changed nearly with every session.

Some tabletop vapes use a whip system that's perfect for a hands-free experience, allowing the users to simply pass the whip around while the vape stays put. These whips are made of silicone and glass most commonly, and they can easily wear out over time. This Hot Box Ground Glass Hands Free Whip Kit is the perfect answer to that problem. This whip fits the Ground Glass Hot Box and any other tabletop vape device that requires an 18mm ground glass whip joint. It also comes with a few replacement screens as well for the ultimate convenience.

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