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Arizer Solo 2

With all the attention portable and desktop vaporizers have been getting lately, it should come as no surprise that the industry is one of the fastest-growing in the modern market. New devices are constantly being innovated that include the next phase of the technology, and that has the effect of making older devices relatively obsolete. That doesn't necessarily mean that those older devices no longer function as they should, but merely that something else out there works better. In fairness, most industries experience something like this, especially when producers understand that early and instant adopters will continue to push the technology quickly. A brief look at the smartphone industry and its proclivity to release new devices every single year within the same brand will showcase the same phenomenon.

Many would argue that the reason for such fast improvement and subsequent updated devices is the result of the demand of the industry. In the smartphone example, it is clear that the majority of portable phone users take advantage of the technology in smartphones. That means those users are going to appreciate new technology the moment it arrives, so instead of waiting years to release a new version, they'll release slightly updated versions in order to satisfy the constantly shifting demands of the market. In a strange way, the vaporizer industry operates the same way. Devices are updated as soon as they can be because the technology is growing at that rate and there is a demand of such incremental advancement.

One brand that has recently released an updated version of their original device is Arizer, and their original Solo vaporizer was exceptionally popular because it worked with dry herbs and provided a good level of portability. The Arizer Solo 2 is a premium device that has been updated in all the areas where the original device was left lacking due to incomplete technology. One of the main areas is the inclusion of a new LED control screen that replaces the older light communication system from the original. This makes it much easier to use the device and to customize the settings without having to memorize complex light patterns. The kit comes with a good number of accessories to help get the job done right, and it even comes with a sample of botanicals that can be used to test the device. The next generation of vaporizers has finally arrived thanks to this amazing device.

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