Next-Gen Grinding

One of the most tedious aspects of using a vaporizer that requires ground blends is that you must prepare those ground blends for the device. No matter which herb you are using for personal aromatherapy, you can't simply cram the herb into the vaporizer without grinding it first. To be fair, it might technically be possible to use unground material, but you'll only end up getting inconsistent vapor while wasting your material. Grinding the material before hand gives it a consistent density and form, so it vaporizes smoothly and evenly.

There are a huge variety of grinders on the market, but many of them adopt the same familiar style. The main design of a typical grinder starts with two pieces that interlock via small magnets and grind herbal material using a series of teeth on both pieces that pulverize the herb as the two pieces are rotated against each other. This minimal design can then be expanded with a third piece that is dedicated to catching and storing the ground material via small holes milled in the second piece. Some designs add a fourth piece that includes a mesh screen for catching pollen that might fall off the herbs during the process. You'll see this design repeated everywhere since it is so efficient, but there are ways of improving upon it.

This Groove 4-Piece Grinder is an excellent example of a device that has innovated a new method for perfectly grinding herbal material. It has the same 4-piece design that includes two grinding pieces, a storage compartment, and a pollen catcher, but the two grinding pieces are anything but basic. Instead of using the classic interlocking teeth style interlaced with milled holes to transfer the ground material, this grinder uses two sets of bladed slits that ground the material as it is transferred to the storage compartment. By incorporating two sets of these blades, the device ensures completely uniform material.

When you get this grinder, you'll be able to choose from several distinct colors, and it comes with a small pollen tool similar to a guitar pick. The device has a diameter of two inches, so it can hold quite a bit of material, and it stays safely sealed when not in use thanks to the magnetic lid. As a premium product designed and engineered within the United States, you can rest assured that you're getting the very best from the grinder market.

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