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Still struggling to find the "perfect" hookah? A good hookah will last a lifetime, offering you a countless number of puffs from your favorite shisha. Unfortunately, many dealers sell low-quality hookahs that often break and/or deliver a sup-par smoking experience. The good news is that online shopping sites offer reliable, high-quality hookahs that are guaranteed to last. So before you buy another cheap hookah from your local smoke shop, check out the following sites listed below.


Featuring a wide selection of hookahs, hookah sticks, shisha (flavored tobacco), charcoal, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, incense and more, is your one-stop smoking shop. Here you can find just about any hookah that your hear desires, ranging from basic single-hose models to "party-style" hookahs. Feel free to click on the link previously mentioned and browse through their available selections.

Furthermore, you'll notice there's a "wholesale" category on the right-side menu of If you own or manage a smoke shop, you can buy bulk supplies of hookahs at discount prices here.

Hookahshisha has become one of the leading online retailers for hookahs, shisha, and other smoking-related products. Whether you're searching for full-sized Khalil Mamoon Hookah or a hookah travel stick -- yes there are hookah travel sticks available -- Hookashisha has you covered. Since its launch, has made a name for itself in the hookah/smoking industry, and for good reason: they offer one of the best selections of hookahs, shashisa, and other smoking products at rock-bottom prices. Don't believe me? See for yourself by browsing through some of their listings.

A Little Bit About Hookahs...

You might be surprised to the learn that the practice of smoking flavored tobacco in a multi-stemmed instrument dates back to the 1600s. While tobacco cultivation and flavorings have changed since then, the underlying principle behind these popular smoking accessories remains the same: Flavored tobacco is placed in the bowl, at which point one or more users light it while inhaling through the stems. The smoke is naturally filtered through the water within the water reservoir, allowing users to enjoy clean, unadulterated tobacco smoke. This makes it preferrable when compared to standard pipes, as the water preserves the delicious flavor and aroma of the tobacco.

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