Natural vs Manmade Materials in Vaporizers

As the world continues to let technology seep further and further into every aspect of life, people might begin to wonder why every thing in the world is suddenly artificial. Even a lot of the food at the grocery store includes artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavoring. With so much artificial in the world, many people often make selections about what they will and will not use based on the ratio of natural materials found in the product. If there isn't enough natural materials, they won't use the product, and that category is the largest, unfortunately.

Most forms of technology are completely manmade. They might be based on materials that were once natural, but they've been manipulated to have characteristics that no natural material would ever have. This is perfect for most technology, especially the truly intricate details, but that doesn't mean the same must be true for the aesthetic features of technology. Wood is possibly the most underused material in technology, and it could easily fit in the place of most plastics and outer-layer materials. Imagine a television framed in wood, or a laptop computer. There is no real reason why wood couldn't be finished with enough scrutiny and detail to make it as viable a building material for devices as aluminum or even steel.

One brand of personal vaporizer has gotten back to the roots of man by incorporating wood into the Magic Flight Launch Box, a portable herbal vaporizer with a body made from solid wood. The device uses an acrylic faceplate to allow the user to see their herbs, and it comes with an herbal grinder specifically designed to make loading the device as easy as possible. There is an included glass tube for the mouthpiece, but the small hole in the wooden box can be used directly as the mouthpiece without the glass tube.

The Magic Flight logo is burnt into the front of the portable vaporizer, and it is one of the most simplistic yet stunningly elegant of its kind. It has multiple meanings that go through varying layers of depth to what the brand hopes to accomplish as a member of the portable vaporizer industry. The kit comes with two batteries, but only one is required to use the device, so the second is merely a spare. One of the most amazing things about the device is that it comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

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