Multifunction Vaporizers

Most people who follow the personal aromatherapy market with any interest are aware that most vaporizers are designed to work with a single source material, while others are designed to work with several. These devices are typically called hybrids, but that name is slightly misleading. A true hybrid device is one that provides more than one method of vaporization, and many of these pseudo-hybrid devices don't do that. They simply use the same method of vaporization and filtration but with a different material. However, there are true hybrid devices out there, and those might be considered multifunction devices since the hybrid moniker is already taken.

A multifunction vaporizer is one that gives the user options for how they'd like to vaporize their material. Some devices use convection heating with direct draw technology, while others use conduction heating and a filtration system of some sort. However, the ideal device is one that can perform multiple different vaporization potentials. For instance, there are very few devices that operate primarily as portable vaporizers that also have the option of adding a water filtration system. That is because water filtration systems are typically reserved for pieces that have no electronic components. However, there is no inherent need for this to be the case. Some handheld personal vaporizers are starting to see the addition of certain utilities such as the water filter.

One of the most popular multifunction devices is one that doesn't technically fall into the category of a hybrid device because it only works with dried herbs. That device is the H2FLO Vaporizer By FLYT LAB, and it has some impressive functions that put it into a class of its own compared to the majority of modern vaporizers. The device comes with several interchangeable components that allow the user to enjoy vapor from a single source material in a number of different ways.

The H2FLO comes with a standard mouthpiece that can attach directly to the control unit, which renders the device as a normal handheld vaporizer for aromatic blends. However, by removing the mouthpiece and adding one of the other including components, new utility can be reached. The Air Chamber creates a sort of reservoir where vapor can rest before being fully drawn from the device, and the Water Chamber introduces a water filtration system that boosts the flavor of the vapor to the purest it can be. The H2FLO is a true multifunction vaporizer.

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