Merging Pop Culture and Vaping

Creating a balance between the norms of daily life and popular culture can be a bit difficult, especially considering the variety of such content. Enthusiasts of any topic enjoy finding collectibles that fit within their preferred genre, and the joy is even greater when that product encompasses several references or even legitimate utility. That's why branded products that are geared toward a specific topic within pop culture are so, well, popular. The idea has helped spread culture and products to just about every corner of the world, and most modern products have grown to represent something larger than themselves.

An emerging industry that is starting to blend with pop culture is the vaping world. Vape users are cropping up in every community since the devices offer such vast utility and variety. As the community grows, so do the options for hardware and source materials. As with most new industries, the initial products were limited in creativity and focused much more heavily on utility, but that quickly changed when it became clear the industry was going to thrive. Advanced devices started to reach outward in aesthetic appeal and general innovation, and soon those devices began to merge with pop culture in a much more direct way.

Vaporizers have started to be built to emulate other objects, and that sort of design creates all sorts of potential for new avenues. Some devices are built to look much more utilitarian, like modern tools, and others are made to appear completely incognito, such that you wouldn't notice them if they weren't presented to you. Other devices are meant to look much more out of this world, like the Life Saber Vaporizer.

The Life Saber vaporizer is instantly recognizable as a reimagining of the iconic lightsaber from Star Wars. The device is a tabletop vaporizer that uses dry herbs, and it comes with a thick travel bag and a glass wand attachment to complete the kit. With or without the glass wand attachment, the device is sure to create a feeling of nostalgia and excitement. It comes in five bold colors, and the design of the device makes it easy to pass around a stationary table. The vaporizer uses a ceramic element for the smoothest vapor possible, and the entire unit can be attached to a water pipe using the correct attachment. That combination is unbeatable in terms of delicious vapor and efficient cooling action.

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