Merging Class and Vaporizer Technology

When taking a look at the vaporizer market, it's easy to see the industry is dominated by high-tech devices that are reaching for more and more features with every new generation. That makes relative sense when you consider the fact that many vape users are in the younger generation that is already obsessed with technology. There's nothing wrong with a fully-functional device with a lot of bells and whistles, but there is something about getting back to the basics that has a lot of appeal to many seasoned vape users. Unfortunately, there aren't many options for those who want a simple, sophisticated device made from natural, premium materials.

For those who prefer dry-herb devices, the simplicity can be further explored. There are only a few functional elements in a vaporizer, and the rest can be a body of just about any substance. Most vaporizers use something like stainless steel or plastic, but there are a few that use materials other manufacturers don't want to deal with because they require too much manual labor. Wood is the most underrepresented of these materials, but a handful of wood-body vaporizers exist, and they exhibit class while maintaining a sense of unity. The brand in question is called Magic Flight, and they have a new vaporizer that brings together the beauty of nature with the quality of the best dry-herb vaporizers.

The vaporizer is called the Magic Flight Monocle, and it is so named because it uses a literal rotating monocle as the chamber cover. The monocle pivots over the wooden box surface and creates a perfect seal. The body is made from high-quality Californian Walnut, and each is crafted entirely by hand. An inspirational inscription is included on the back, and it comes with two rechargeable NiMH gold cell batteries, along with a recharging cord.

The Magic Flight Monocle comes with a host of other accessories, including a glass draw stem for users who don't want to hit directly from the box, a cleaning brush, and a hemp drawstring pouch to carry the unit around. Users who pay close attention to detail will love the fact that the monocle includes optical-grade glass that acts as a sort of magnifier for what's going on inside the chamber. This gives the user full control over how they enjoy their dry herbs. The Magic Flight Monocle is probably the best way to sport a monocle in the modern age.

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