Isolation Breeds Quality

When most people consider some sort of consumable product, they instantly assess the quality of that product and whether or not it would be wise to ingest it. In most cases, thanks to the modern world and the relatively high level of regulation that humanity places on itself, these products are more than adequate for consumption. Others are not so safe, yet people consume them anyway. Fast food is one good example of this. It might taste good, but it has no nutritional value and is often over-priced for what you get. People know this, yet they continue to eat it. One factor is the convenience, of course, but another is the general lack of interest that society has on proper nutrition.

Most meats used in fast food are grown on huge farms where the animals are packed in tightly, so there are a lot of opportunities for contamination. One way to fix that problem would be to allow those animals to live on a private, closed farm with plenty of space and attention. As they separate themselves from the masses, they become healthier. That's why pasture-fed meat is so much pricier than cattle farm meat. It costs more to produce pasture-fed meat, but the quality is insanely higher.

The vaporizer market is another industry that operates along a similar line. The quality of the final product, which in this case is vapor, depends on how the material is vaporized. Certain methods of vaporization are cleaner and purer, and other methods found in some vaporizers have the potential to generate vapor with impure tastes or burnt flavor. As with the food example above, an isolated upbringing is what protects the quality of the vapor. One product that features a fully isolated airflow path for the ultimate vapor purity is the Atmos Aegis Vaporizer Kit.

The Aegis is a ground blend vaporizer that features a fully isolated air path and true convection heating. This means there is no chance of the material in the anodized heating chamber combusting or burning in any way. The device has a powerful internal battery, and the mouthpiece is designed for maximum comfort. An ergonomic grip makes it easy to use the device all day, and it takes very little time for the unit to reach its optimal vaping temperature. The chamber has a silicon filter for particulate matter that won't affect the taste of the vapor.

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