Improving on a Good Thing

Some things seem like they're perfect, and many things are just about as close as they can get. However, there is almost always a way to improve upon something. Most forms of technology are constantly being improved with new designs and additions, but many things take some time find the perfect improvement. For the longest time people have wondering what the optimal way is to enjoy dry herbs, and the multiple options all have their merits. Some prefer to use glass pieces, others prefer vaporizers, and others prefer to roll their herbs. Blunts in particular are popular amongst those who enjoy dry aromatic blends, but what could possibly be done to improve a blunt?

Some companies have attempted to create filters for blunts, but these do little more than add an extra step to the process of rolling the blunt while also decreasing the volume of herbs that can be rolled in the paper. Others have attempted to create filters that are added after the fact by slipping over the end of the rolled blunt. These are moderately effective, but they still only offer a level of filtration similar to that of a cigarette filter. The vaping community has been waiting for a brand to come forward with a real solution for improving upon the near-perfection of the blunt.

When considering what sort of filtration works best, it's not difficult to see that water filtration is exceptional. Using nothing but pure water, pipes and even some electronic vaporizers are able to filter out any harmful substances or harsh tastes, and one company wanted to bring that performance to the world of blunts. They created the King Toke Blunt Bubbler, and the small glass device is truly revolutionary.

This device is made from thick glass so it has a sturdy frame, and it only needs a small splash of water to function adequately. The chamber that holds the blunt is tapered perfectly so it can accept a wide range of sizes, and it can easily function as a small one-hitter when not used as a blunt filter. The design is ergonomically accurate so your hand slips around the base while you enjoy a smooth draw. The bottom of the device has a small foot so it can comfortably and safely rest on a flat surface in between sessions. If you're a fan of blunts, this could be the perfect addition to your repertoire.

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