How to Tell When Your Vaporizer is Done

If you're new to the vaping scene, you might be wondering how you're supposed to know when the herb or oil is finished and needs replacing. When smoking, you can tell simply by looking at it: the herb will be transformed into black-gray ash. Because vaporizers don't produce fire or smoke, however, this same tactic doesn't work for them. Instead, you'll have to look for different signals to determine when your vaporizer is done.

The Smell

Arguably, the easiest way to determine when your vaporizer is done is to smell it. Freshly packed vaporizers will have a clean, smooth odor that's similar to the herb or oil being vaped. If you are vaping peppermint oil, for instance, it will smell like fresh peppermint. On the other hand, if you are vaping lavender, it will smell like lavender. As you continue to vape your herb or oil, however, the odor will typically turn into a burnt popcorn smell -- not too pleasant, to say the least. This distinct odor is usually indicative of the herb or oil needing to be replaced.

The Draw

Another tall-tale sign that a vaporizer is finished lies in the draw. When you inhale, you should receive a decent amount of mist-like vapor (not smoke). Your lungs will begin to fill with this vapor, creating the sensation that you need to cough. Don't worry, this is actually good, as it means you are drawing fresh, clean vapor. But when the herb or oil draws near the end of its life, you won't be able to inhale the vapor. You may continue to pull and draw as hard as your lungs will allow, but you just won't get any real vapor from it. When this occurs, it's usually time to empty the vaporizer and repack it with fresh oil or herb.

The Look

What does your herb or oil look like? After vaping it for a while, it will usually turn to a brownish color, indicating that it's time to be replaced. Of course, the exact look varies depending on a number of different factors, such as the type of oil or herb you are vaping, the temperature setting of your vaporizer, and the number of draws you've taken.

The Time

Lat but not least, consider the length of time at which you've been vaping to determine whether or not it's finished. A typical vaporizer will last for about 6-10 draws before it needs to be repacked. Once you've reached this number, you should check the oil or herb to see if it still has color (not brown). If it's dark and smells like burnt popcorn, empty the bowl and repack it with fresh oil or herb.

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