How to Take the Best Care Of the Vaporizer Battery

It is the life of your vaporizer. Size and the rechargeable battery make your vaporizer portable. You cannot get far for a great vamping session if the battery refuses to give you its right arm. The source of power is undoubtedly its most important part. As the popularity and usage of portable vaporizers and vape pens is increasing in leaps and bound, more and more options are being provided to serve the power needs. Today, there is a whole exclusive range of batteries available in the market. However, you have to take a little extra care of the battery if you want to get pleasure from some extra puffs of vapors.


You can find a complete battery usage guide in the manual. There are a lot of things to do and not to do while storing, charging and cleaning. Remember these tips to make the battery go some extra miles:


The place where you are storing the battery can take the edge off its lifespan. You inhale quality vapors and when the session is drawn to a close, you simply toss the vaporizer on the bed or somewhere else. People do consider some extra precautions to make sure the battery can serve vaping needs for a decent amount of time. Heat and moisture, be it direct or indirect, have some effects on the performance and the life of the battery. Never leave it somewhere near the magnetic, the magnetic will damage it. Leaving it on a hot windowsill, in the car, on the patio or anywhere else where it is exposed to the heat of the sun, these are not good ideas. Also, keep the battery away from the reach of kids and pets. Protect it from falls. Never store the battery in precarious situations as it can be subjected to falls.


It is likely to forget about the status of the battery while inhaling vapors of your much-loved material. However, make sure that it is not completely drained out. Resist the temptation and stop before it reaches the 0% level. It is good for the battery to recharge when still 50% of the power is remaining. Moreover, the battery regains power quickly.


Portable vaporizers, vape pens and desktop vaporizers are specially designed to withstand leakage and accumulation of grime. However, you cannot lay the blame on someone else if you are not cleaning it in a regular manner.

So, take the best care of the battery while storing, changing and cleaning.     

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