How to Keep Vaping Herb Fresh

Although small in size, the vaporizer is nothing short of a revolutionary device that has changed the way in which we consume herb. It works on the principle of heating herb just enough to create a light plum of mist-like vapor. Because there's no fire or combustion taking place, vaporizers do not produce smoke, nor do they produce the thousands upon thousands of toxic chemicals commonly found in smoke.

Furthermore, vaporizers offer the added benefit of efficiency. When you smoke herb, you are essentially burning a large portion of its active ingredients. Vaping eliminates this problem by allowing users to fully enjoy their herb and virtually all of its active ingredients. Subsequently, you can stretch your herb just a little farther, assuming you store it properly. So, what's the best to keep herb fresh?

There are several steps you can take to preserve your herb, one of which is storing it in an air-tight container. From mason jars to plastic bags, you should keep your herb stored in an air-tight container. Although seemingly harmless, air can dry oil herb, causing it to lose its effectiveness. And depending on just how long the herb has been exposed to air, it may also contribute to the formation of mold, which is never a good a thing! To prevent such headaches, store your herb in an air-tight container.

Another important tip to help preserve herb is to store it in a dark place. Most people already do this, but some keep their herb in a windowsill or similar location where it's directly exposed to sunlight. The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays will literally change the chemical composition of your herb, triggering new chemical reactions while shortening your herb's shelf life in the process.

If you plan on storing your herb for several months of longer, it's recommended that you vacuum seal it. Basically, vacuum sealing involves storing herb or food in a plastic bag that's completely -- or neat completely -- devoid of air. Upon placing your herb in the plastic bag, you'll connect a hose to suck out the air. Without air present inside the bag, your herb will last significantly longer without losing its potency or going bad.

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