How To Clean a Vape Pen

Whether you vaporize on a daily basis or once in a blue moon, you're sure to appreciate the simplicity and convenience of a vape pen. These products live up to their namesake by mimicking the size and shape of a typical writing pen. While many other vaporizers are large and bulky, vape pens are lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for traveling. However, like all vaporizers, vape pens must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a high-quality vaping experience.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Vape Pen

Some people may turn their head at the thought of cleaning their vape pen, but it's actually an important step in maintaining quality vapor. These devices work by heating herb or oil just enough to create a plum of breathable mist-like vapor. While there's no smoke being created, the vapor contains several natural chemicals. Over time, these chemicals will build up inside the vape pen, restricting its normal airflow and subsequently altering its "ideal" heating temperatures. This is easily prevented, however, by cleaning your vape pen on a regular basis.

Cleaning your vape pen will promote buildups of gunk that could otherwise stain and/or damage the unit. This isn't something that happens overnight, but leaving vapor resin on the device for months of years on end may result in damage. You have to think of your vape pen as an investment, which means cleaning and properly maintaining it.

How To Clean a Vape Pen

Let me first start off by saying that not all vape pens are the same, and as such, the method of cleaning may vary depending on the particular model you are using. It's a good idea to read the owner's manual for your vape pen to determine the best cleaning method. With that said, there are a few general cleaning tips that work well for all models.

Most vape pens can be opened to access the atomizer. Assuming you can access this area, use a dabbing tool to clean out the inside of your vape pen's atomizer. You can find these tools at most pipe shops, at dabbing tools are traditionally used to clean tobacco smoking pipes. Simply place the tool into the atomizer, wiggle it around, and pull it out.

Next, use some generic alcohol wipes to clean both the inside and outside of your vape pen. When you are finished wiping it down, let it dry before attempting to use it. Congratulations, you should now have a clean vape pen that's ready for use!

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