How Often Do I Need to Clean My Vaporizer?

This is a question that many newcomers to the vaping scene ask. Whether you own a small, portable pen vaporizer, or a large desktop model like the Volcano, all vaporizers must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent buildups of debris. Failure to do so may restrict the flow of air, making your vaporizer less efficient. But how often do you really need to clean it?

Signs that Your Vaporizer Needs Cleaning

One way to determine when a vaporizer needs cleaning is to look for signs of buildup. While vaporizers don't produce smoke, nor do they produce the same noxious chemicals that are commonly found in smoke, they will still produce tar-like resin. This isn't actual tar, but rather buildups of sticky resin created from the vapor. If you notice a buildup of resin within the atomizer or other components of your vaporizer, then it's probably time to clean it.

Another tall-tale sign that your vaporizer needs cleaning is obstructed airflow. Does it require stronger, deeper pulls just to get a small amount of vapor from your device? When resin and other debris accumulates inside your vaporizer, it will restrict the normal flow of air; thus, requiring harder, deeper hits. This is easily fixed, however, once you clean your vaporizer. 

When in Doubt...

If you aren't sure whether or not your vaporizer needs cleaning, a good rule of thumb is to clean it once every 20-25 uses. Assuming you use your vaporizer three times per day, that means you should clean it roughly once per week. This seems to work well for most vaporizers, keeping them clean and free of debris. With that said, certain types of vaporizers will require more frequent cleaning than others.

Check the User's Manual

Of course, the easiest way to determine when and how to clean a vaporizer is to check the user's manual. Most mid-to-high-end vaporizers come with a detailed user's manual, in which you'll find information on how and when to clean it. If you are unable to locate your user's manual, or if you didn't keep it (which many people don't), contact the manufacturer.

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