Hiding in Plain Sight

Despite the fact that vaporizers have become exceptionally more popular in the last few years, they are still not completely accepted by everyone in society. Many people still haven't educated themselves on the benefits of vaping, and as a result there is a stigma attached to the activity that was once associated with smoking cigarettes. In many cases, the uninformed are more offended by vaporizers than standard cigarettes simply because they know so little about the devices and what goes in them. Unfortunately, this stereotype often prevents individuals from sharing their hobby with others in their close circle of family and friends for fear of an argument or unpleasant discussion.

The great thing about vaporizers is that they are fairly easy to hide, both in terms of physically hiding the devices themselves and covering any potential odor that may develop. Most vaporizers produce little or no odor that isn't associated with any added flavor in e-liquids, and many of the devices are small enough that, with the right hiding spot, they can be stored relatively in plain sight. That means these devices can be stuck just about anywhere to conceal them temporarily, which is great if you're hosting anyone in your home that might not approve of the hobby.

Of course, there are certain family members who feel a little too comfortable when visiting, like your parents or siblings. In those cases, it is quite possible that someone could stumble upon a simple hiding spot like a drawer or small case. How can you conveniently hide something in a common area without drawing attention to that hiding sport? It turns out the answer is quite simple in theory, but often difficult in practice. The idea is to create a hiding spot that masquerades as something else, like the Secret Vape Magic-Flight Launch Box Case.

This vaporizer case is designed to hold the Magic-Flight Launch Box, but its most striking feature is that the case is designed to look like an unassuming black book. It has two locking straps to give the book an appearance like a private journal, and the interior is completely hollow except for a foam cut-out that allows for perfect storage of the Magic-Flight Launch Box and several accessories that go with the device. Even though the case is made for a single specific vaporizer, it could easily be modified to hold and protect almost any handheld vaporizer.

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