Going For The Gold

The market for vaporizers is enjoying a sort of ongoing renaissance as brands innovate and introduce new products with extreme regularity. It seems that as soon as one new product is released, another is right behind it with better features and a smaller price tag. One of the few ways to stand out in the vaporizer market is to produce something new that hasn't yet taken hold in the rest of the industry, if it ever will. Every brand is constantly trying to develop the next big thing in the industry, but what many don't realize is that innovation doesn't have to be completely new. It can simply be a new way of looking at something that already exists.

If you know anyone who enjoys e-liquids and other liquid-thin concentrates, you've probably heard them discuss the idea of rebuildable atomizers. These are typically reserved for highly complex and nuanced devices that require some moderate experience to use, but smaller and more common devices are starting to take advantage of the power of rebuildable atomizers. Not only are these systems often cheaper to operate than one that requires new atomizers every other week, but they can be customized in much more direct ways.

For the longest time, rebuildable atomizers were left to those who essentially used highly complex electronic cigarettes. This is primarily due to the fact that those devices use thin enough oil to make the rebuildable atomizer a feasible possibility. However, one device in the vaporizer market has incorporated the first ever rebuildable atomizer into a device meant specifically to work with thicker herbal concentrates. That device is the result of a temporary partnership between Tyga x Shine and Atmos, and it's called the Kiln RA Gold Edition.

The Kiln RA Gold Edition is a powerhouse of functionality and advanced features. It uses the power of a 950mAh battery to create smooth, delicious vapor through the rebuildable atomizer. The atomizer features a dual-post system that allows you to easily change out your coils when they need rebuilding. The battery protects both the user and itself from issues with its Overcharge Protection and Shortage Protection features. To draw more attention, the Kiln RA Gold Edition is finished with a shimmering golden color. A small dab tool and allen wrench are included with the kit, and they both feature the same golden color. No other device in the industry has so literally gone for the gold.

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