Form or Function?

Technology is an incredible force that spawns a number of unforeseen and unexpected innovations, and the vaporizer industry has seen the truth of that firsthand. These personal aromatherapy devices have stormed society with an ever-increasing popularity, and that demand has led to the creation of a wide spectrum of available products. These products are so diverse that there is something for essentially every individual style and preference. Some prefer box mods that produce ridiculous amounts of pure vapor, and others prefer smaller vape pens that are less conspicuous and easier to use. Some people would rather have a table top vaporizer over a portable one, and others need that portability to enjoy their vapor on the go.

As with most product categories, seeking a specific feature will often mean giving up other features, whether necessary or not. The goal for most manufacturers is to balance form and function such that the user is not only satisfied with what the device can do, but how it appears as well. Certain devices are amazingly beautiful, yet they've been stripped down to their minimal utility. Other devices that are capable of handling serious vaping sessions have less aesthetic appeal. That is certainly true for many table top devices.

The interesting thing about such demand in the marketplace is that it allows for the production of products that wouldn't otherwise reach mainstream use. One such device has combined the best elements of form and function without sacrificing on overall appeal. The Plenty by Storz & Bickel is a powerhouse of functionality inside a table top device. While the device might have an initial appearance that speaks more toward utility than design, a closer look will reveal the truth. This device is purposefully crafted to look like a professional-grade mechanical tool.

Even though the Plenty is a table top device, it comes with a handle that includes the firing button much like a power drill. A gauge on the front measures temperature using a swiveling arm like a car meter, and the mouthpiece is attached to a metallic hose that is both stable and malleable. The interesting thing about this device is that it was made to appear more functional at a glance, yet its design is genius on an entirely different level. This product deeply appeals to a more rugged, utility-based view of the world. The Plenty is like a power tool and a vaporizer combined.

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