Five Components of Vaporizer Working Together For Your Ultimate Vaping Session

Vaping your much-loved weed brings you in a mesmerizing state of euphoria. It is a different feeling when you take a big full drag and create a thick cloud of vapors while showing some amazing smoking tricks. Sitting on a comfy sofa, watching a head-to-head collision of your favorite football teams, getting a kick out of high-quality vapors, this is what a vaping enthusiast wants. Or, hanging out with buddies with an on the go companion, a portable vaporizer or a vape pen in the pocket, that is it, there is no other desire. There is a tiny segment of people portraying vaping in a bad light just because they see some thick clouds of smoke, just because it serves the purpose that is also served by a cigarette. But do you care about or pay any attention to what they have to say? Does their opinion matter? Just leave them with their own opinions.

You know that the vapors you are inhaling are not taking a toll on your health. You know that more than 95% of cancer causing elements is filtered out. Now, you will definitely love to know more about your portable vaporizer. There is a whole big range of portable vaporizers available in the market. Every portable vaporizer has following four main components:


Every portable vaporizer has a rechargeable battery at its farther end. It supplies the power required by other parts to operate smoothly. The majority of portable vaporizers are powered by lithium-ion batteries. The length of time to which the vaping session is going to span depends on the capacity and the way you maintain the battery.


This component of the vaporizer is directly connected to the battery. This is where the weed is heated and vapors are created. There is a heating coil within the atomizer. It is directly connected to the battery and the tank (also known as cartomizer that holds the weed in vaporizers and E-liquids in E-cigarettes).

Innokin iSub Coil Atomizer


The weed to be vaporized is stored in this refillable component of the portable vaporizers or vape pen. E-cigarettes also have this component to store E-liquids.

Cooling unit

Vapors created by the vaporizer can burn lips of the smoker. Therefore, be it an E-cigarette, a portable vaporizer, vape pen or desktop vaporizer, a cooling unit is essential to cool down vapors.


The last component of an E-cigarette or a vaporizer is its tip or the mouthpiece.This is just like a funnel a smoker places on his lips and inhales the desired amount of vapors.

                  Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece

Vaporizers and E-cigarettes are healthy alternatives to smoking. If someone cannot quit smoking then switching to vaping can save him from the risk of cancer and other harmful effects of smoking.       

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