Exploring the Possibilities with Concentrates

The popularity of concentrates and herbal extracts is on the rise, and while no one can claim that vaping enthusiasts will ever tire of using the raw herbal material, there is no doubt that the future of the vaping industry is in extracts and the devices that can vaporize them. The industry has since responded to the demands of the public who have a whole new world of products to try without any range of devices to choose from. That niche is slowly being populated by premium vaporizers that are reaching impressive levels of efficiency and functionality.

Just like with the raw herb itself, there are a myriad of ways to enjoy the vapor produced from extracts. The most common electronic devices for vaporizing concentrates are vape pens that are similar in style to those that use e-liquids. These pens have advanced quite a bit since they were first introduced, and their materials have eclipsed the possibilities of just a few years ago. With concentrates, taste is the most important factor since there are no raw plant materials in the vapor. That means that subpar materials and vaping techniques could cause the flavor of the vapor to diminish in quality.

The two best materials for use with concentrates are ceramic and titanium. Stainless steel is a good substitute for titanium in many cases, but steel does have the ability to impart a metallic taste to vapor. Quartz is another material that is often lauded as incredible, and while it is much better than steel, ceramic and titanium are still the leading materials. Quartz can be used in place of ceramic without much difference, however.

There are some advanced devices that are designed for use with concentrates that still take advantage of these amazing materials, yet they do so in a package that is nothing like a vape pen. The Dr. Dabber Boost is one such device. It uses an electronic base unit to heat a titanium domeless nail which is then used to vaporize the concentrate. These domeless titanium nails are excellent for vaping since they heat quickly and evenly, and they don't leave any messy reclaim behind.

The amazing thing about the Dr. Dabber Boost is that it comes with a glass water attachment that basically transforms the device into a water pipe designed specifically for extracts, and that is certainly a rarity in the industry. The water attachment helps filter and cool the vapor, which is already exceptionally pure.

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