Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Getting away from civilization is good for the soul, especially when you choose a place of great natural beauty. Many of these places are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and they deserve to be on everyone's bucket list. The problem with many of these locations is that they are so isolated from civilization that traveling comfortably to them is difficult. Concessions to comfort must be made in many occasions, but it is possible to make the most of the situation with the right planning. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of conveniences that can be extended away from the luxuries of frequent power sources and indoor plumbing.

Vaping enthusiasts will understand the struggle of traveling outside the grid. Without a way to plug a vaporizer battery into a wall socket, their devices eventually become obsolete out in the wilderness. Of course, there is always the option of carrying extra batteries, assuming the device is one with a removable battery, but that is only going to increase the weight of your equipment and luggage. The goal is to slim down and consolidate space and weight by only taking the bare essentials, so instead of packing something that stores power, one should pack something that generates power.

In many cases, vape users don't have the option of carrying extra batteries because their device has a built-in rechargeable battery. For those people, getting away from power sources is more of an issue. Most of these device use MicroUSB power adapters, so they are fairly compatible. There happens to be a device that can recharge any device that uses a MicroUSB port, and it uses the power of the sun to do so. The Spring Solar Charger is a solar-powered recharging device that is perfect for use out in nature where other power sources aren't readily available.

It only takes the Spring Solar Charger eight hours to fully charge in direct sunlight, and at that point it is able to provide 5,000mAh of power to two devices at 5W per port. It also has a small built-in flashlight, and the exterior is splash-proof and rugged. Smartphones and other such devices can also be recharged with this device, including devices with removable rechargeable batteries. The solar charger comes with a manufacturer's warranty of three months that protects against production defects. It also comes with a carabineer that can be used to mount the charger in direct sunlight just about anywhere.

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