Enjoying Concentrates With Style

The market for wax concentrates and devices that can handle them has grown exponentially in the recent past thanks in part to sweeping changes in the laws of the land and the technology that makes the production of such concentrates possible and even easy. Wax concentrates and herbal extracts are exceptional when it comes to taste, quality, and convenience, and vaping enthusiasts are slowly starting to discover all the benefits of switching to a concentrate-based system. The trouble many new adopters to this style encounter is that so many different devices exist on the market. There is no vaporizer that is completely perfect, but many of the top-tier devices offer utility and aesthetic appeal that can't be found in most other devices.

Most devices that vaporize wax concentrates are built with exceptionally modern styling and design, and that seems appropriate given the newness of the technology, but that doesn't mean those devices are for everyone. Perhaps you are the type who would prefer something less artificial, something that actually appears natural and pleasant. There are few devices out there that meet that requirement, but one brand has been producing devices of such natural quality for years. Magic Flight has a great reputation for building vaporizers out of solid wood that have been finished with optical glass and brass trim. Their original device was meant for use with raw herbs, but they have since broken into the concentrate market.

The Magic Flight Maud-Dib Concentrate Box is their attempt at crafting a stellar handheld box vaporizer that operates using wax concentrates, and the mark was certainly reached. This vaporizer provides a sense of style and civility that is typically reserved for traditional tobacco pipes, and the glass monocle on top both protects the vape chamber during heating and provides a unique view into the device while it is active. This allows vape users to actually witness their concentrate becoming vapor.

This device heats up amazingly quickly, often in under three seconds, and it only requires a small portion of wax concentrate to produce delicious vapor. It can be used with or without the included silicone whip tube, and it is quite easy to keep clean. The batteries will last for about 50 uses when fully charged, and users can choose been a black finish that is striking and bold or a natural finish that showcases the quality of the wood and other materials.

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