Don’t Screw Up Your Lungs- Top 5 Vaporizers For You

People always have a discussion about why it is not safe to smoke and fortunately, we all are well aware of what smoking can do. But unfortunately, still there are some guys and girls unwilling to give up smoking. Those who are young take on smoking just to show that they are grown up now and they deserve and want the status of an adult. There is no bright side of smoking. Cigarettes were and are harmful. If you do not want to be deprived of the experience and pleasure of smoking then there is a safe option available to you and this safe option offers you numerous options. Out of various types of vaporizers, the top five are discussed here:


1. Tabletop vaporizers: Not everybody puffing on small and sleek portable vaporizers knows that the journey of vaping was embarked by tabletop vaporizers. These are designed to rest on a table and endow you with the great contentment of vaping at the comfort of your home. A multi-function tabletop can be enjoyed by and your mates sitting around the table.

2. Oil based vape pens: Unquestionably, in the present scenario we want almost everything to be small and portable. This is exactly what we want when it comes to vaping. The oil based vape pens are small and portable and contain very high THC (a principal constituent of cannabis) concentration. If you have marijuana familiarity and tolerance then it is for you only.

3. Wax based vape pens: You can give it a whirl if you find oil based vape pen out of your limits. Similar to oil based vape pen, it packs high concentration of THC. However, instead of oil, it contains cannabis wax. So, if you know your limits and are reluctant to fussing with liquid oil, it is a good choice for you.

4. Plant-based vape pens: So, you are old-school guy craving to the tang of pulverized marijuana leaves. You should not look further for your ideal vape pen. It eases up smoking. Just put marijuana in it to pull the THC straight and have fun.

5. Volcano style vaporizers: A true vaping fanatic will instantly recognize this masterpiece. Since it is a masterpiece of the industry, it is high performance and high priced too. This decade old vaporizer is an advanced, high quality and the most renowned vaporizer available in the market.

So, don’t get your lungs screwed up, stop smoking and get pleasure from a vaporizer. 

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