Don't Sacrifice Style for Portability

As the vaporizer market hits its first major stride, the products that are available throughout the industry have been reorganized and categorized in ways that help the consumer find the perfect item. For the longest time, vaporizers were essentially simple devices that all worked more or less under the same system, but the growth of the industry has created niches where products have been geared toward a specific purpose. For instance, the earliest examples of vaporizers were actually table-top varieties that were meant to stay at home. It wasn't long before portability become a basic desire for those using these devices, and that was when the market responded by creating vape pens.

With the inception of the vape pen, users could suddenly enjoy their vapor on the go. But again, these devices were initially limited in the scale and function. Soon more complicated rigs began to emerge that had interchangeable components compatible with a wide range of products. This led to the creation of different vaping methods, including the production of coils and chambers designed to work with multiple materials in larger quantities. It wasn't long before these devices eclipsed the popularity of the vape pen, but that doesn't mean those products have fallen into obscurity.

Vape pens in the current market are thought of as a beginner's product, or one that will eventually be replaced as the user grows more in tune with their vaping needs. That is quite unfortunate, because the technology in vape pens has also continued to advance, and there are a number of amazing vape pens that could easily hold their own against more piecemeal competitors. One such product is the Puffco Pro 2 Pen Vaporizer, a vape pen that works with concentrates thanks to the inclusion of a huge ceramic chamber.

This vaporizer is not only superbly functional, but it beats out the competition in terms of style and design as well. It uses a sleek, minimalist design that is punctuated with a single glowing button that represents a small cloud. It comes with a carrying case that easily fits in your pocket, and it has an included dab tool for manipulating your concentrates. This vape pen could easily be compared to any major vaporizer, and it works in a simple, intuitive manner. It also provides much more style than standard vape pens, which tend to be viewed as cheap and overly flashy thanks to the bright colors and intricate designs.

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