Don't Overcomplicate Things

The world is already a vastly complex place, so why would anyone want to make things more complicated for themselves than they already are? It seems like everywhere you turn, things are designed to frustrate and annoy those who just want to get things done efficiently and affordably. One of the most detrimental aspects of society is overthinking, and overthinking tends to lead to overacting. Overacting might be funny when it leads to William Shatner giving the world one of the most memorable and overly dramatic characters in television history through Captain Kirk, but in the real world, overacting can lead to many problems.

One area that is starting to see things become overcomplicated is the vaping industry. In order to stay on the cutting edge of technology, many producers of modern vaporizers attempt to do too much with their devices. There will always be hardcore enthusiasts who want to have the sort of customization and piecemeal creation that the high-end vaping industry is currently experiencing, but the vast majority of those who enjoy vaporizers would be completely suited with something that is more straightforward and simplistic. At this point in the industry, the most complex devices no longer necessarily represent the best experience, although many who champion those complicated devices will still say that is the case.

Portable vaping rigs certainly don't require the complexity that many of them seem to have in order to satisfy the market base that assumes the most complicated devices are the most powerful and customizable. Most people end up paying an arm and a leg for a device that has much more depth than they will ever use, and those devices come with a ton of upkeep, which may or may not be limited to cleaning, mixing specific concentrates, rebuilding atomizers, and finding the perfect power balance.

One kit that ignores the over-complication trend is theYocan Evolve Plus Kit. This vaporizer is perfectly suited for travel, and it includes a built-in silicone jar on the base of the device so wax concentrates can be stored and carried with ease. The device is not only compatible with waxes, but it can also be used with essential oils as well. The device comes in five sharp colors, and it uses a disposable dual quartz rod atomizer to produce vapor of the highest quality in almost no time. With its single-button design, this might be one of the least complex vaporizers on the market.

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