Don't Forget Desktops

With the progress that has been made in the vaporizer industry since the devices have skyrocketed in popularity, it would be easy for certain products to fall by the wayside. Before it became common for people to have personal portable vaporizers, those vaping enthusiasts were forced to enjoy their vapor in the comfort of their own home to avoid attracting unwanted attention. In fact, some of the very first vaporizers ever created were meant to be placed on a tabletop and left there during use. Without the need for portability, those vaporizers took on some interesting shapes and structures, but many of them paved the way for the image of vaping as it exists today.

Since portable devices are so convenient, many people have found that they no longer need their desktop device, which is quite a shame. The reliability and easy utility of the portable devices makes it difficult to rationalize using an older product that can't even be passed around effectively. This is something that many industries experience as new products come in and take over the markets of older products. The fact of the matter is, though, that many current desktop vaporizers are miles ahead of the portable options that are so often chosen above the tabletop varieties.

Desktop vaporizers perform some very specific functions that no portable vaporizer can accomplish. One such function is the popular forced-air utility that allows a user to set up a desktop device with a plastic bag that will collect the vapor as the machine produces it. This means the user doesn't have to actually draw directly from the device, and instead they can allow the vapor to cool a bit and enjoy in through the bag at their leisure. Desktop vaporizers also provide larger loading chambers and the ability to adequately share thanks to bag and whip attachments.

One of the most popular current desktop vaporizers is the Super Surfer Kit from 7th Floor. This kit comes with everything you'll need to enjoy dry herb vaping in the comfort of your own home using either direct draw of forced-air systems. The device is designed in a unique angled cylinder style, and it comes with advanced features like single-degree temperature control and LED mood lights. The kit also comes with a number of accessories to make the vaping experience that much more convenient, and it has a deluxe carrying and storage case for protecting the device when it's not in use.

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