Consolidating Accessories

When it comes to modern technology, one of the most demanded features across all categories is efficiency through multifunction design. Mobile phones are no longer merely used for vocal conversations. They now include full computers that perform a wide range of daily-use functions. Vehicles are no longer glorified carriages with simple engines. They now include some of the most intricate and sophisticated machining technology in existence, not to mention many computer-based modules that run all the systems. When a new device or technology genre hits the market, the first devices work to perfect the singular function. The next-gen devices start adding new functions.

It's only human nature to want as much utility as possible in a single device. Multifunction design often eliminates the need to carry separate accessories for outside functions, which makes the use of the device much more convenient. There's almost no way you would be able to carry separate devices for each function of a smartphone. Imagine trying to fit a calculator, phone, fax machine, laptop, digital camera, compass, gyroscope, map, calendar, phonebook, and MP3 player all in your pocket. Thanks to multifunction design and feature consolidation, smartphones make that and more easily possible.

The vaporizer market is one that's just now starting to see this trend come about. Devices are starting to incorporate new functions that eliminate the need for other accessories, which gives them a step up over other similar devices. One such device is the Yocan iShred, which is a powerful ground-blend vaporizer designed to produce delicious vapor without allowing the material to clump or stick. It has a stirring tool built in to the mouthpiece that prevents the loaded material from getting burnt by rotating the material inside the chamber, and the base of the unit contains a grinder for your raw material.

The developers at Yocan went all-out with the grinder in this device. It has a three-piece design that includes a top piece permanently built into the bottom of the handle. The two removable pieces include the middle grinder piece with the built-in mesh screens, and the bottom-most piece is the pollen collector. You can grind your material in the grinder, leave it there while you go about your business, and quickly load the heating chamber beneath the mouthpiece. The ceramic heating chamber features a large capacity so you won't have to reload often, and the included cleaning brush helps you perfectly maintain the device.

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