Cloudy with a Chance of Haze

Technology has many more features beyond its function that make it attractive to those who might take advantage of it, and one of the main features is, unsurprisingly, its level of aesthetic appeal. Almost all cars are identical in the raw sense that they'll transport you from A to B, but their ridiculous range in price isn't solely due to better components or optimal engineering. People drive sports cars and luxury sedans for their physical appearance just as much as they do for their performance, which is exactly why cars that 'look' better are often more popular and usually more expensive.

The fact is that almost all categories of modern consumer-level technology follow this same pattern. Smartphones are judged not only for their functionality, but for their size, shape, ergonomic sensibility, and overall appearance. Appliances that are loaded with the most advanced features are also designed with interesting and unique hulls to entice attention. Those who opt for these examples of fine technology and contemporary creativity are generally those who expect the best from all their products, and those with both the discerning taste and pocketbook to consider such luxuries. Fortunately, even the priciest examples of consumer technology are still easily affordable by most.

The vaporizer market is just now starting to align with this basic principle of aesthetic appeal combined with the highest quality products, and the results are quite staggering. Some of the most advanced devices would never be called such based on their outer appearance alone, but others have incorporated amazing designs and intricate shapes to make the devices as sublimely unique as possible. The Haze V3 is one such device, and its wavy honeycomb pattern is one that instantly draws and hypnotizes the eye. The strangely pleasant 3D logo emblazoned on the side of the device might catch the corner of your gaze as well.

The Haze V3 isn't all looks either. The technology in the device puts it on a level that few vaporizers have achieved. It has a dual heating chamber design that allows it to be used with either dry herbs or extracts, and it comes with two removable batteries and a wall charger to keep them primed and ready to go. The kit also includes a dab tool and a cleaning tool so the chamber will remain spotless between uses. The Haze's ergonomic shape lets it fit in the palm of your hand comfortably all day.

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