Choosing A Vaporizer: Portable vs TableTop?

There are a number of factors that you must consider when you are deciding on a new vaporizer. If you've never owned a vaporizer before, it might be difficult to determine which of these factors are the most important for your lifestyle. Perhaps you are the type who prefers to enjoy their vapor on the go, or perhaps you'd rather sit back and vape at home.

One of the first things you'll have to decide when purchasing a new device is the sort of source material you plan on loading into the device. Some devices are specifically designed to work with certain materials, and they may not function with other materials. The most common source materials are e-liquids, dry herbs, and wax concentrates. While each of these materials offer their own benefits, not all devices can handle vaporizing every source material. There are certain devices that are built to be hybrids, and they are usually able to use both dry herbs and wax concentrates. Because of the way e-liquids require a sealed tank, it is difficult to find a device that does all three without some type of additional accessory.

Portable vaporizers come in a wide variety of styles, and perhaps the most common type is the pen-style device. These devices are famously used for e-liquids, but there are some dry herb vaporizers that fall into the pen category because of their sleek design and compact profile. These devices are ideal for those who are out of the house throughout the day and need to have access at a moment's notice.

Desktop vaporizers are basically the same devices, but they are designed to sit in one location while the user takes advantage of the unit. These devices are typically designed to function primarily with dry herbs or wax concentrates, but they can be upgraded with other accessories for additional utility.

One prime example of a device that provides the portability of a handheld vaporizer with the power of a desktop unit is the Vapir NO2. It is a robust unit that is designed for use exclusively with dry herbs, and the device fits perfectly in the hand for easy access. There are several included Vapir NO2 accessories that make the device much easier to clean and use repeatedly. It is small enough to fit in a bag or purse for on the go use, and it fits right in with most modern home decor.

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