Can I Use a Vaporizer if I Have a Cold?

The average U.S. adult will catch between two and three cold viruses throughout the year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The next time you catch a cold, you might wonder whether or not it's okay to use a vaporizer. After all, most doctors advise against smoking when sick, so conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that vaporizing is also off limits, right?

Yes, You CAN Vape With a Cold!

The truth is that you can use a vaporizer when you have a cold. Vaporizers work by heating herb and essential oils just enough to produce a light mist-like vapor. Since there's no combustion occurring, there's no smoke. This means you can enjoy pure vapor without all of the tar and harmful chemicals that are associated with smoke. But there are still a few things you should know about using a vaporizer when you have a cold.

Keep The Heat Low

First and foremost, it's important to use a low heat setting on your vaporizer if you have a cold. Why is this necessary? As stated above, vaporizers work on the principle of heating herb and essential oils just enough to produce vapor. If too much heat is produced, it will create smoke. While vapor won't irritate your nasal passages or lungs, smoke WILL irritate them. So, keep your vaporizer on a low heat setting until the cold has passed.

Vape the Right Oils

Another helpful vaping tip to follow when you have a cold is to choose the right essential oils. Certain oils, such as peppermint and lavender, have been shown to relieve some of the symptoms associated with the common cold. Vaping these oils may relieve nasal congestion, body aches, and even fevers.

Small, Short Draws

When using a vaporizer, try taking small and short draws. Some people attempt to pull as hard as they can, which isn't necessarily a problem if you are in good health. But if you are sick with a cold, large draws such as this may irritate your lungs. This is why it's recommended that you take small, short draws instead.

Quality Over Quantity

Whether you intend to use your vaporizer with herb or essential oils (or both), you should choose quality over quantity. A single vape draw of a high-quality bud will yield far more benefit than a dozen draws from a low-quality bud.

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Sarasvati Fautheree - November 3, 2018

I’m a nurse. Propylene glycol is actually an ingredient in neb treatments. When I first get up and vape with a cold it makes me cough up all the lung nastiness—which is what albuterol, ipratropium and levalbuterol neb txs are actually SUPPOSED to do. It actually seems to be helping to clear the lungs. But yes I agree on key point here-LOW TEMP. I tend to do that one anyway to avoid a harsh throat hit but if you like a good throat hit you may want to lay off that for a few days. A little well-diluted mint oil may help as well and I might experiment on myself with a drop of clove in my nicotine salts but can’t officially recommend it and have yet to research if it has any possible psychoactive properties. (Clove is a topical anesthetic often used for toothaches and I’m thinking it might just deaden the throat and sinuses even if it will probably also make everything taste like crap for a couple of hours). If vaping essential oils I’d use extra caution about sourcing—make sure it’s pure e.o. And not a perfume mix, and while it might or might not matter for topical application, for vaping I’d go with organic. Lungs are sensitive and extremely vascular.

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