Boosting Efficiency by Streamlining Technology

Early adopters are the types that can't help but to jump on board with a new product as soon as it hits the shelves, but those early versions of a new product, especially one in an entirely new industry, often have problems that will cause them to fail or require replacement much sooner than they should need. This is not only true for what most people know as 'working the bugs out', but it can also be said of the production process as well. As time moves on and technology advances, it becomes cheaper to create something that once was incredibly expensive. That's why the original computers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but now almost any can have a pocket computer for less than a few hundred dollars.

Vaporizers are currently going through such a phase with production standards and materials. The entire industry is learning what works and what doesn't, and they are responding to the demands of the customer base with premium devices that are starting to reach sub-premium prices. This is exactly what should be expected since it allows the industry to grow and expand into new audiences that once didn't find the devices to be affordable or viable. That growth will, in turn, drive more efficiency into the products, and the cycle continues.

One device that is a great example of a world-class vaporizer at an affordable price is the Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer. This unit includes basically everything that a vaping connoisseur needs to enjoy wax concentrates in the most premium way possible. It uses rebuildable coils, which was once the cutting edge of vaporizer technology, but now has become a common practice amongst high-end devices. The materials are all ceramic, which won't taint the taste of the vapor with any metallic tinge. Its loading chamber is large enough to store wax for the entire day, and it uses sub-ohm technology to heat almost instantly. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable within the body of the device via an included MicroUSB cord.

All these top-of-the-line features are packed into a sleek device in either white or black, and its price will blow away many of the competitors. Atmos has a stellar reputation in the vaping industry for building sturdy and powerful vaporizers, and this device pushes the envelope of what a modern vaporizer can do at a highly efficient rate.

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