Are Vaporizers Better for the Enviornment?

Most people choose to vape for the health benefits that it offers. Because they work by heating herb or oil just enough to create a plume of mist-like vapor, there's no fire or smoke being produced; thus, vaporizers don't produce any of the same toxins that are commonly found in smoke. But there are other reasons to vape and not smoke, such as the potential benefits that it offers for the environment.

One of the many ways in which vaping is better for the environment lies in its fundamental principle of vaping herb and oil instead of burning. When you light the end of a cigarette, new chemical changes occur that create an estimated 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. As the cigarette continues to burn, these toxins are released into the environment, polluting furniture, clothes, objects, animals and people. Vaporizers eliminate this problem, however, as they don't produce smoke.

Of course, there's also the issue of cigarette butts (or lack thereof) associated with vaping. Whether it's an actual e-cig or personal vaporizer, you can rest assured knowing that it's not going to produce cigarette butts that end up polluting the environment. According to the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights (ANR), more than 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butts end up as toxic waste each year, making it one of the most commonly discarded types of trash in the world.

Does this mean vaping is better for the environment than smoking? The short answer, YES -- it is better for the environment than smoking. Vaporizers don't produce smoke, so you can rest assured knowing that you aren't polluting the environment. And vaporizers don't leave behind cigarette butts, which is yet another reason why it's better to vape than smoke.

The bottom line is that vaping offers a number of benefits over smoking. Some of these benefits are associated with health, such as the simple fact that it doesn't contain toxins like those found in smoke. But other benefits involve vaping its affects on the environment. As noted above, vaporizers don't produce the same toxin-filled smoke as cigarettes, nor do they produce cigarette butts.

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